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Roma & Condesa, Mexico City

Roma, Condesa & Polanco

Mexico City’s trendiest districts


Walk through the streets of hipster enclave Roma, made famous by the Oscar winning movie of the same name, and neighbouring Condesa which, although gentrified, still has more than a hint of Mexico City’s bohemian side.

Head to Avenue Paseo de la Reforma, the heart of the city’s business district, to see the iconic vista of the Angel de la Independencia and some of Latin America’s tallest buildings.

The vast park of Bosque del Chapultepec offers a surprising escape into nature amidst one of the world’s largest cities, with a lake, forest and botanical garden. Here are some of Mexico’s most prestigious museums, including the unmissable Anthropology Museum.

To the north, Polanco is one of the wealthiest districts of Latin America, and features an impressive dining scene and world-class museums.